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Pugsley Craft Products

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Pugsley Craft products are thoughtfully made with attention to quality and beauty.

We use quality components in our products. We test many components and use the ones that pass our high standards. We work with others to get the components we need for our products. And, we always keep an eye open for different and better components.

The wood that we use is hand selected for each product, sometimes when we first acquire the wood. As we make each product, we make thoughtful choices in our usage and placement of components so that each piece showcases the wood’s natural beauty. We are always looking for new ways to utilize wood to it’s fullest. We have designed products around a stock of wood so that the wood is used with the least amount of waste. Sometimes this results in unique ways of assembling a product.

We have lines of products that are designed to use a common thread throughout the products in the line. For example, we have a wormy wood product line and a rustic product line. Products in different lines are designed to make best use of the common material, such as wormy wood. This ties all the products in the line together, making a statement in your home.

Pugsley Craft has many limited run and one-of-a-kind products. These products are made to use a single piece of wood, or a small batch of wood we have in our inventory. Other times, we get an unusual item that we design a product around. These products are offered as they become available.

Pugsley Craft also carries many popular products that are always in stock. These are updated as we see demand for products change. These products can be made in batch runs, providing individual attention to each product while getting the benefit of production runs.

We also will entertain custom requests. This can be anything from one of our products in specific woods, to designing and making the product. This requires working closely together so that we all understand and agree on the final product and how it will be made.

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