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Pugsley Craft Woods

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Pugsley Craft Woods

The woods that Pugsley Craft uses are sourced using many different methods. We use kiln dried hardwoods when the product calls for it, but we also take advantage of several other opportunities to use wood in our products that comes from other sources.

We use trees that have been cut by utilities and homeowners. Also, trees that are cut along fence lines, ditches, and creeks. These sources yield a good variety of woods that might not be available any other way.

We recycle shipping pallets, crates, and skids. It is surprising haw much good quality hardwood is used in these products. Once we finish processing this wood, it becomes part of our inventory for products.

Sometimes a piece of wood presents itself to us and we take advantage of it. For example, we were on a walk in Texas, and came across a nice log of mesquite. I picked it up and now it is inventory for our turned products. We have obtained several nice pieces of wood from fallen trees and storm cleanups.

We have teamed with a local sawyer and he harvests trees from residential settings as well as receiving logs from other folks who have cleared trees for a new building or for cleanup. Once again, we are blessed to be able to use a variety of woods in our products that are not readily available.

We have reclaimed wood from buildings that were being demolished. One time we were able to obtain a trailer full of locally harvested maple that was used as wall studs and ceiling and floor joists. At the time the building was demolished, the maple wood was well over 100 years old. This maple was highly figured and had a warm tone that could only be produced by age. Another time, we found a truckload of walnut that had been used as trim in an office building that was being dis-assembled.

By using all these different sources of wood, we have been able to offer products with mulberry and osage orange, both very dense ad beautiful woods. We have used hickory, linden, apple and pear, ash, buckeye, as well as ornamental fruit trees. Our products contain elm, beech, sycamore, black locust, lilac, and root balls from shrubbery. We are always on the lookout for different woods we can incorporate into our products.

We incorporate natural edged wood, such as firewood and branch pieces into our products. Our sawyer also provides us with natural edged stock. We use wormy and spalted woods. These natural “designers” add a natural beauty to wood that cannot be created any other way.

There are times we get a small lot of wood, and we will use this wood for a specific product line. By doing this, our customers get the chance to have a coordinated product set that is unique to Pugsley Craft. Once these products are gone, they may never be available again.

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